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We're branching out and looking at 2017 to be a year of growth.

We work with people who are part of the growing consumer trends

We do this by marketing to people who share these trend interests and by connecting them to our online store.  Through these connections we are building and developing a database of people who become our most profitable customers, active referral sources and ideal business partners.

This year, our branching out specifically means marketing to entrepreneurs who are part of these growing tends.
Entrepreneurs who
are looking to build an income earning asset, using a proven model, as part of a growing team.

From this webpage, we are inviting people to explore - do their basic investigation - and be exposed to the 'job' and what it takes to make a sucessful business of it.  The next step is theirs.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for savvy, creative, forward-thinking people who are already part of the growing consumer trends.
People who, like us, are health/nature focused entrepreneures who want to build an independent income from home and have a strong interest in building both active and passive streams of income.

People who want a business they can personally shape to reflect their own passions while partnering with a product manufacturer that offers a rewarding compensation plan.

Having owned a business, a distributorship, or even a childhood lemonade stand, shows an entrepreneurial spirit.
(My lemonade stand also sold chocolate chip cookies),.

Experience specific to marketing is a plus.  However, it is the desire to learn and the ability to grasp the marketing concepts that is a must.


An ideal Skills list would include:

  • Communication - Good presence in-person, on the phone, via email and on online platforms
  • Personal Computing - Comfort with word porcessing, email and database management
  • Organization - Managing activity coordination, record keeping,and basic inventory of tools and products
  • Financial Management - Basic record keeping for day-to-day business and tax records
  • Continued Learning - A dedication to self improvement with interest in new concepts and skills


What are the first steps?

Our interview process takes place over a series of 3 or 4 contacts - online, over the phone or in person. 

Most people want to start with the products and get a feel for what they are.  You will see suggested Business Partner Packages offered below.
The great news is, you get a variety of products that are going to be good for you and safe for the planet. If you decide they're not for you, the Company offers a 30-day guarantee.

So,while you are trying the products, we will be talking and within that period of time you will know:

  • Whether or not you like the products
  • If we think we can do this together
  • How fast you want to go

This is actually a mutual interview and typically takes place within 30 days.
We'll get to know you while you get to know us.  
We'll answer your questions and provide additional information so you get the idea of the support and training structure. 

And just to round things out, it is expected that this person/partnership will be ready to get started within the first two weeks of making their decision to build a business and starting, if they haven't already, their personal use of the products they will be representing. 


What is it?

As business partners, we are like company reps, except that we each own our businesses. The title of distributor is used, but this in nothing like your grandma's basement business.
Being savvy, creative and forward-thinking, we shape our businesses to match our individual styles.  We are not employees.
Our manufacturing-partner rewards us for finding and training others to do the same.

Our business plan incudes multiple methods of reaching out to potential customers and business partners.

These methods include:

  • direct mailings and email newsletters
  • local and online advertising
  • hosting (and co-hosting) local and online programs for business development & product information
  • developing referral alliances with other businesses and organizations.

As we build our database, these are the activities that help to develop the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that become our most profitable customers, active referral sources and ideal business partners.

Our business has allowed us to do this for 3+ decades and continue to keep pace with the growing trends.  Not just the consumer tends mentioned above, but also the home-based business trends of flexibility, mobil access and connection with a responsible company with values and corporate action rooted in nature and global health.


Now, if you'd like to know more, it's your turn.

Learn more

About Us, meet us here on our About Us page.


About our manufacturing/corporate partner...

Click Here to read about Shaklee and their history and their vision.

Click Here for some 2 minute videos provided by Shaklee.  Initially, you may be most interested in the first two: "By the Numbers" and "The Shaklee Difference"


About the products or get started sampling the products right away...

Click Here - To see the opening page of our product store.  

We recommend one of 3 packages to get started with a business of your own.  Each one - a featured Good, Better and Best selection - includes a cross section of products AND some key tools for starting off.

Click Here for the details.


About how we do the business...

We will show you our activity series and tools

- what we do and how we do it working with a marketing coach

Click Here - to link to my business coach's podcast site.


When you are ready to talk, here is how you can contact us.

Email :Sue@TreeofDreams.com      Talk/Text: 518-756-9440