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Sue & Scott of TREE OF DREAMS: . . . Rooted in Nature for a Healthy Life . . . Talk or Text: 518-756-9440
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Are you a modern day mix of health-nut and tree-hugger, like us?
Choosing things that promote health and protect the planet?

As a teacher and a nurse back in the '80s, Scott and I thought we had a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But, we were turning into junk-food-snacking-couch-potatoes with headaches and frequent colds.  We just didn’t have the energy we thought we should.
Enter: Shaklee.  

Initially, we started with the earth-friendly cleaning products for our home, dishes and laundry - happily without cleaning out our bank account. 
We were thrilled! 
So we made a simple shopping shift and tried their other stuff.

In three short months, we were breezing through cold & flu season without a sniffle, and we had energy to burn.
Over the past 34 years, we've had the energy and resilience to enjoy our work, play, and growing through life - all with the satisfaction of knowing our consumer choices are directly supportive of our values.

 We were so happy with what we had found, we decided to build a business marketing these products, rooted in nature, to people just like us:

In a nutshell, we connect our customers with easy, realistic, solutions to a wide range of home and health concerns - and all with the convenience of 24/7 shopping, a personalized shopping-reminder-service, at-home delivery, and dependable results.  We call our busienss Tree of Dreams.

In the summer of 2014, we uprooted ourselves when Scott snagged an early retirement option. 
We are now traveling the country in our hotel-suite-on-wheels and Tree of Dreams is branching out.


Be Well & Have Fun!

 Us in Maine