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  Welcome to our Online Store      


Many of us are making sure we are getting the best value, convenience and long-term benefits from our shopping choices.

As consumers ourselves,we've come to demand a level of quality from the items we use each day.  We expect them to work, be simple to use and deliver consistent results.

We prefer to choose products that are:
  ~ made in a way that respects and protects our health as a human being
  ~ planet-friendly by being toxin-free, concentrated and packaged in recyclable containers  
  ~ priced well in comparison to equal or better quality items

Added extras are:
  ~ ways to earn personal rewards related to customer loyalty and consistent use
  ~ action by the manufacturer for local and global improvements in health and the environment.


Does this also sound like you?

These are the roots of our business, Tree of Dreams. 
Roots that connect you to a dependable source for products that meet ALL of these concerns and more.
...And you may be surprised by the range of products you can get from this one convenient source!

Everybody loves getting the highest quality for their dollar, the convenience of online shopping and home delivery and a great customer rewards program.  
That's why our happiest customers and the ones the get the best results use the broadest range of products on the most consistant basis.

If what we have works as well as

or better than what you are currently using,

is there a reason you wouldn't shop our store first?

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Want hints for getting started?

Just like we all have fingers, but our fingerprints are unique to just us, we can offer you a way to see your unique "healthprint"

Get your HealthPrint for a personalized suggestion of the products that will work best for you!



Ordering Note:  You may be offered a "Join Free membership".

Benefit of registering as a member customer with the manufacturer ($19.95 value) is a 15-25% savings on this and all future orders.
You will be given an ID number to assure getting the discount on future product orders.
As a valued customer there are NO chores, NO calls ... even NO future purchases required!  Really!! 
Tree of Dreams will be assigned as your personal consultant, but I promise I will NOT call you unless requested.




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